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Daddy Hinkle’s – Distribution Expansion

Daddy Hinkle’s – Distribution Expansion

Daddy Hinkle’s – Distribution Expansion

Daddy Hinkle’s Expands Distribution to 208 Walmart Locations
Walmart Enhances Meat Marinade Sales with Daddy Hinkle’s

(CLEVELAND, OK – 6/23/2017) – With summer finally here, many have already started to fire up their grills in search of the perfect steak, chicken, pork chop or grilled vegetables. To help achieve this, Daddy Hinkle’s has expanded distribution of their instant meat marinade and dry rub products to include 208 Walmart locations across Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas, Colorado and Arkansas. Through this partnership, home cooked restaurant quality steaks are now easily achieved.

As an instant meat marinade, Daddy Hinkle’s utilizes an innovative 2-part system to quickly tenderize meats and provide award-winning steakhouse flavor from the comfort of your own grill. By simplifying the marinating process, anyone can achieve optimal results with little effort. By applying the dry ingredients to room temperature meat, splashing it with Daddy Hinkle’s Instant Liquid Marinade and then cooking it to your desired level, you can have high-quality beef, poultry or pork consistently.

With this partnership, Daddy Hinkle’s hopes to bring amazing flavor and quality to any beef, poultry, pork or vegetables that are prepared at home. No matter what cut of meat you prefer, Daddy Hinkle’s Instant Meat Marinade can naturally tenderize and enhance the flavor. By expanding their distribution with Walmart, Daddy Hinkle’s hopes to bring steakhouse quality foods to tables across the United States.

Butchers often recommend Daddy Hinkle’s as the best marinade for steak for first-time or inexperienced grillers. However, many of the world’s best grill masters still swear by Daddy Hinkle’s two-part marinade for a quick and delicious culinary experience. If it’s Daddy Hinkle’s Instant Meat Marinade, it’s delicious!

With the slogan “For the Best Steak of Your Life,” Daddy Hinkle’s Instant Meat Marinade is without a doubt the best marinade for steak. Customers often tell Daddy Hinkle’s that they can no longer order steak when they go out to eat after discovering the great taste of Daddy Hinkle’s Instant Meat Marinades and seasonings. One of the key reasons Daddy Hinkle’s is the best marinade for steak is the way it naturally tenderizes and enhances the flavor of the beef.