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Arrow Exterminators – Termidor HP Treatments

Arrow Exterminators – Termidor HP Treatments

Arrow Exterminators – Termidor HP Treatments

Revolutionary, New Termite Treatment Available in Oklahoma

(TULSA, OK – 2/17/2017) – Arrow Exterminators, Inc. is proud to announce that Termidor® HP High Precision Injection System termite treatments are now available to residents of Oklahoma. By using this revolutionary new treatment method exclusively, Arrow Exterminators, Inc. can provide homeowners many valuable benefits previously unavailable during termite treatments.

The Termidor® HP High Precision Injection System addresses many of the issues previously faced when delivering liquid termiticide treatments. The injection system utilized contains an onboard computer to accurately mix termiticide and water at the recommended levels. This can help reduce the amount of water used by as much as 75% in most cases.

One common complaint faced by pest control companies during a liquid termiticide treatment is the disruption homeowners face due to trenching and rodding. By taking advantage of the Termidor® HP High Precision Injection System, minimal disruption to the existing landscape can be achieved. This means that homeowners will still receive superior termite protection while maintaining the existing beauty of their home.

During an application, the Termidor® HP High Precision Injection System creates a uniform treatment zone through a unique injection process. With this system, each individual injection creates a 12-inch treatment zone that distributes the termiticide evenly and deeply. When finished, the home is protected by an invisible and virtually scentless termite barrier.

Arrow Exterminators, Inc. is excited to utilize this new technology to better serve the termite control needs of Oklahoma. Only the best technicians in the industry are selected to provide Termidor HP High Precision Injection System treatments. Arrow Exterminators, Inc. prides itself on being able to provide an unparalleled level of satisfaction and service to all their customers.

Arrow Exterminators is an Oklahoma family owned company serving many local area communities. The talented technicians at Arrow Exterminators can identify any type of pest and the best course of treatment to get rid of it.


For more information on Arrow Exterminators, Inc. and the Termidor® HP High Precision Injection System services we provide please visit http://www.nomorebugs.com. If you have any questions or concerns, please call us at 1 (800) 390-8626. We look forward to answering any questions that you may have!