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Do people still use Printed Materials?

Simply put: Yes. While it’s true that printed materials are being used less and less in favor of digital documents, websites, and emails, there are plenty of advantages to choosing cold hard paper over megabytes.

  1. Brand legitimacy

    There’s not much that sets your business apart more than the look and feel of a cleanly printed and cut business card, coupon, or brochure. This day and age, anyone can create a “business” from their bedroom with a wordpress template and a little time, but only the stand-out companies go the extra mile to create physical, tangible promotional tools. It may seem old school to some people, but there’s an undeniable level of legitimacy and trust associated with a business that keeps a well rounded arsenal of printed marketing materials.

  2. Wider Customer Reach

    Yes, even today, not everyone has email or even internet access. There are some people who just don’t deal with technology well. How else do you reach out to this minority other than presenting a physical, readable (and good looking) printed item?

  3. Simplicity

    You meet potential customers and business partners every day, in all kinds of situations. Avoid the hassle of hurriedly typing in contact names and email addresses into your phones while sharing your company information. A good business card or brochure makes the networking process that much simpler.

Distribution of Printed Materials

We don’t just make good-looking materials. We make sure that your potential customers see them. There are various methods of delivery for printed items, and we will help you take advantage of them. To name a few:

  • Direct Mail – We have the connections to get your promotional materials sent directly via mail to wherever you want. (at a great price too!)
  • Events – In-person events are a great way to look customers in the eye and deliver your message straight to them.
  • Storefront – Handing out your brochures and flyers in a store front is the easiest way to get your materials out there, and we can help make that happen.

You name it, we can do it. Contact us to get started!