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Get a Broad Reach

With over 288 million monthly active users and 500 million Tweets sent every day, it’s safe to say that Twitter is huge. It’s a perfect way to get your business in front of a lot of people. According to Twitter’s 2014 data, 80% of Twitter users are accessing it through a mobile phone, giving you the chance to reach people no matter where they are; at home on the desktop, on the bus on the way to work, on the toilet… (we all know it happens).

Twitter establishes an open line of communication between you and your customers, providing a way to demonstrate your customer services skills in a public way. It also allows you to show some personality by making interesting, funny, and useful messages fit into 280 characters.

The Benefits of a Twitter Business Page

There is no denying that Facebook is the king of social media for businesses. However, there are many unique benefits that can be achieved through the introduction of Twitter into your digital marketing strategy. Here are some of the benefits that can be obtained with a Twitter business page:

Unlimited Reach

Unlike Facebook, a Twitter business page allows for unlimited reach as long as your target audience is following you. Facebook currently uses an algorithm called “edge rank” to determine who sees your posts; usually only making them visible to 2% of your followers. Twitter, on the other hand, doesn’t limit the number of people that are exposed to your tweets through their feed.

Though Twitter shares many similarities with their counterpart social media networks, this is one benefit that really helps them stand out from the crowd. By not limiting what information your potential customers are exposed to, you can get critical information in front of your followers quickly. This can directly translate into increased web traffic and sales.

Better Customer Service

You’ve likely seen the growing use of Twitter by customers as a way to vent or express dissatisfaction with a business. Fortunately, this doesn’t mean the end of the world for your businesses reputation. By creating a direct communication line, businesses can address customer concerns quickly and efficiently while providing better customer service.

If you don’t have a Twitter business page already, your competitors likely will. That can mean if you aren’t able to address issues that are happening even without your knowledge, your competitors could be sweeping customers away. The unique features of Twitter allow businesses the ability to control their reputation and provide visible customer service.

Increase Traffic to Your Website

If you are consistently posting quality blogs on your website, you should also be sharing those links through social media. This is one of the easiest ways to get potential customers to view your website and learn more about your business.

If you are trying to draw attention to a service or product that you offer, Twitter business pages also allow you to post a dedicated link. This can put potential customers in the immediate position to purchase your products. It is important to ensure your website is optimized to show eye-catching featured images as they are shown directly in the link.

Trend Identification

Twitter is well known as a social media network that provides top trends and news quickly. Because the focus of Twitter is the sharing of information, a simple search can provide a wide variety of information about your industry and the customers that are a part of it. With the introduction of hashtags and trending topics, you will never be short of content ideas.

Whether you are interested in determining local or global trends, a Twitter business page is one of the easiest tools for research. By finding relevant hashtags and utilizing them in your content strategy, you can easily increase exposure to your business. Because the users on Twitter are so active, you can get information as soon as it becomes available.

Company Humanization

If your potential customers only see your business as a faceless organization, they likely won’t be too excited to purchase your products or services. With the implementation of a Twitter business page, you can break away from the corporate image and craft closer connections with your followers. If your customers have a question, you can address them immediately.

A Twitter business page also allows you to let the personality and values of your company shine. With its open forum, Twitter doesn’t restrict the information that you share with others, but quality content will attract more followers. As you begin building these relationships with your customers, the corporate image begins to fade and your customers begin thinking of you less as a corporation just seeking their money.

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