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Pinterest pageYou may be surprised to learn that Pinterest has become an important tool for businesses that want to get their products in front of potential customers that are open to new products. By remaining consistent in curating and providing new, fresh content, you will have access to a large audience that may be searching for your products or services. With over 200 million users on the platform, it has never been easier to expand your business and grow your online presence.

Though many think of Pinterest as a source for recipes or design ideas, the creation of business-specific accounts has made it an important part of your social media marketing strategy. To ensure your success, the platform is constantly adding educational materials to help businesses like yours effectively build a community and make their products more discoverable. Not only will this increase your sales, it will drive more traffic to your website.

With over 200 million people using the platform globally every month, Pinterest has seen a drastic increase in its users in recent years.

Pinterest has a highly engaged audience that is constantly searching for new products, services or ideas that excite or inspire them. By remaining consistent and active, you have the ability to reach your customers early and encourage them to invest in your business. This makes investing in this social media platform very beneficial for passively bringing more attention to your business.

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The Benefits of a Pinterest Page

While many businesses don’t see the value of adding Pinterest to their social media marketing strategy, there are many unique benefits that can be achieved by utilizing this platform. Here are some of the benefits that can be obtained with a Pinterest business page:

Trend Insights

Pinterest includes many tools that can be utilized to determine what content you’ve posted is receiving the most engagement. This allows you to see your total engagements on a per post basis and much more information to determine trends right from your profile dashboard. This makes the platform incredibly effective at determining what content your followers are most interested in.

Measuring success on Pinterest looks different. Brands with better content reach more people than brands with lots of followers.

With Pinterest Analytics, you also have the ability to see what content from your website is currently being shared by others on the social media platform. By providing engaging content, you will have more of a chance to increase engagement and further your reach. Through this tool, you will know exactly what content users are focused on and what they are saving to their boards from your website.

Engaged Audiences

The Pinterest user base is incredibly diverse and spans the entire globe. With over 200 million people using the platform globally every month, Pinterest has seen a drastic increase in its users recent years. Once you have identified your target audiences from this diverse user base, you can provide high-quality content to build a relationship and expand your engagement.

Pinterest has a highly engaged audience that is constantly searching for new products, services or ideas that excite or inspire them.

With Pinterest Audiences, you have the ability to find your niche audiences quickly and provide personalized content just for them through advertising. This not only helps build your engagement but can serve as a funnel that allows you to retarget website visitors or previous customers. By utilizing this advertising strategy, you can expect a great increase in how effective your social media marketing strategy is.

Lead Conversion

Any posts related to your products will be linked directly back to your website or location on your website where it is available for purchase. Effectively, this creates a path directly from the discovery of a product to purchase. This means that you can convert leads into buyers much quicker than you would be able to on other social media platforms. Many individuals will turn to Pinterest for inspiration or research; however, if you have what they need readily available you are more likely to capture the sale.

In essence, Pinterest can be viewed as a visual search engine that can lead potential buyers to the products or services they are looking for. According to Pinterest, 1 out of 2 users has made a purchase after seeing a promoted pin, making it one of the most effective social media advertising options available. For this reason alone, it makes sense for businesses to be utilizing Pinterest in their social media marketing strategies.

Increased Website Traffic

While your Pinterest business page is technically a standalone entity, it is still one of the best ways to drive more traffic to your website. Each post you make on the platform links back to your website. This means, that even just adding your products to Pinterest can create several direct links to your website that increase website traffic.

72% of Pinterest users find new brands and services on Pinterest

Just because you post your products doesn’t mean that you will instantly start receiving boosts in your website traffic. It is important to take the time to create high-quality images and content that will encourage more clickthroughs. In fact, Pinterest is the most effective social media source for driving website traffic.

Sources: Millward Brown consumer study 2015

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