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Get on the Map with Google Plus.

Google My BusinessThere’s no questioning that Google is the most used search engine online. One way to ensure that your business is discovered through search results is by completing a Google My Business page and, subsequently, a Google+ page. This will not only put your business on the map as far as search results – it also literally puts your business on Google Maps if you have a physical location.

Being on Google My Business is great for brand legitimacy because the platform serves as a hub for all kinds of vital information, such as:

  • Location/Map Information
  • Contact Information
  • Customer Reviews
  • Updates/Posts from you

All of these factors are crucial in developing a strong online presence and improving your visibility in organic search ranking both locally and nationally. This is achieved by utilizing the power of Google My Business to make your business more visible in local search results through Google+, search and maps listings. If you are looking to rank higher in local search results, the implementation of Google My Business will give you the tools needed to achieve your goals.

The Benefits of a Google Plus Page

Google merged their social media platform Google+ into Google My Business to serve as an all-in-one marketing hub for businesses. This means that if you have created a Google My Business account you already have access to a Google+ for your business. Here are some of the benefits of utilizing Google+ in your business strategy:

Improved Local Search Engine Ranking

Because Google+ is a social media platform owned and operated by Google, you should expect that utilizing it can provide a boost in search engine ranking. For small businesses that are competing on a local level, maintaining a Google+ profile and actively engaging on the platform can provide more visibility in local search results. Google My Business/Google+ pages are at the top of each relevant search, displayed in the maps section.

Collect User Reviews

Customers no longer have to have a Google+ account to leave a review for your business on the platform. This is important because it removes one more step that would otherwise prohibit your customers from leaving a review. Gathering great reviews that are visible from your maps listing can help build credibility for your business and influence others to use your business over competitors.

Immediate Content Accessibility

When content is posted through Google+ it is instantly indexed through Google’s search engine. This is important because any user that is following your Google+ page will be able to immediately access your content and share it with others. This can ensure that your audiences are finding your content before a competitor has a chance to scoop new information from your business.

Engagement Opportunities

Like other social media platforms, Google+ gives businesses the opportunity to share their own content or reshare content that is relevant to their audiences. Commenting on content that other people have shared is a great way to build new relationships and increase engagement from your Google+ network. The exposure gained by remaining involved can help organically draw more people into your circles and expand the reach of your business on Google+.

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