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The Benefits of Outsourced Social Media Management

As a small business owner, you may not have a passion for social media. With the increasing importance being placed on social media in recent years, many business owners have opted to outsource their social media management. Skynet Solutions provides social media management services to help create, manage and grow businesses on both a local and national scale. No matter what industry your business falls into, you can be sure that your customers are using social media daily. Regardless of what social media networks you are currently part of, we can utilize relevant tools and business practices to help your business grow. Some of the benefits of outsourced social media management include:


When you partner with Skynet Solutions for your social media management, you can be sure that your social media networks are in good hands. With a monthly meeting to discuss your performance and review the month’s data, accountability is as important to us as it is to you. We are dedicated to remaining transparent throughout the process to ensure you are satisfied with your service.

Social Media Experience

Business owners likely don’t have much experience with the social media management skills needed to successfully grow their business online. However, when you partner with Skynet Solutions, you can be sure your social media networks are in the hands of a dedicated social media manager. Whether you are interested in social media advertising or standard posting to drive engagement, it is important to have a team that can pull from previous experience.

Conflict Resolution Experience

Under the best circumstances, you will want a social media manager that has previous experience in public relations. For this reason, most marketing firms will employ individuals into these positions with a public relations or business administration degree. Your customers can voice their opinions to a wide audience through social media, making this experience critical for a successful online presence.


Being successful on social media networks requires consistency. If you can’t dedicate the necessary time to social media management, it could be holding back the growth of your business. When you partner with Skynet Solutions for social media management, we ensure your accounts are consistently posting to boost engagement and build your follower base to drive website traffic and generate leads.


Nationally, a decent social media manager will likely cost around $50k to $70k annually. Gathering content and copy for campaigns or posts can take several hours to effectively express the views of your business. When utilizing Skynet Solutions social media management services, you can be sure the ins and outs of social media are covered for far less money than you would spend otherwise.

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Our Social Media Management Process

Whether you’re looking for someone you can trust to keep up your social media platforms regularly or you’re just in need of specific help for a certain topic or event, the experts at Skynet Solutions can find the right solution for you. Our social media management process is designed to help ensure your accounts receive the attention necessary for optimal growth. The process we utilize includes these steps:


Social Media Manager Assigned

To ensure your social media accounts receive the attention needed, you will be assigned a dedicated social media manager to research your current social media networks to look for opportunities for growth and plan a social media strategy.


Social Media Strategy Development

Before content can be created for your social media networks, it is important to understand what competitors are doing and how their content is performing in comparison to yours. Through competitive analysis, we can help determine the proper social media strategy for your business. This will help create the most effective content strategy possible for your business.


Content Calendar Development

Once the unique social media content for your business has been determined, we will begin developing a content calendar. If needed, this calendar can be created in advance to allow you the opportunity to review and approve the content before it goes live. After approval, your posts will be scheduled in advance to ensure consistency in posting.


Daily Social Media Maintenance

Social media management services through Skynet Solutions include daily management and interaction to ensure consistent growth. We will monitor activity across your social media networks and respond to any comments, messages or reviews as quickly as possible. If any customer complaints arise, you will be notified and consulted to ensure the best possible outcome.


Monthly Reporting

At Skynet Solutions, we are committed to remaining as transparent as possible. For this reason, your account manager will prepare monthly reports for you to review. If you have any concerns between meetings, your account manager is always available to assist you.

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If you are struggling to keep up with the demands of your social media networks, Skynet Solutions is here to help. We can help determine the best social media strategy for your business to ensure consistent growth and engagement. If you are ready to get started, we would love to talk to you.

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