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In recent years, it seems like social media has become the new way to reach your customers and inform them of promotions, sales or keep them updated with what is going on with your business. However, by neglecting email marketing, many businesses could be missing out on the many of its associated benefits. At Skynet Solutions, we understand the important role that email still plays in the digital world and can help you succeed in engaging with your customers.

The Benefits of Email Marketing

While the concept of email may seem antiquated, advancements in mobile technology have made internet accessible from a smartphone without needing a traditional desktop computer. On average, your typical customer checks their email roughly 15 times each day. Knowing that the emails are being sent to willing recipients that have signed up for your newsletter, this can provide a whole host of benefits.

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Cost Effective Marketing

Unlike mailers or other traditional print materials, email provides a way for businesses to circulate information without postage fees, print costs or advertising costs. For this reason, marketing with email is one of the most affordable digital marketing solutions for both small and large business, as well as anything in between. Email marketing also provides a high return on investment, according to the Direct Marketing Association, netting $40 for every $1 spent.

Measurable Results

With it can often be hard for business owners to measure the effectiveness of their marketing efforts, email marketing allows for valuable metrics including delivery rates and open rates. Not only does this show your marketing is effective, it gives you great insight into the interests and behaviors of your customers. This information, in turn, can be utilized to fine tune your continued marketing strategies for greater success.

Personalized, Targeting Marketing

Depending on the email marketing software that you are using and the customer information gathered when someone signs up for your email, it has never been easier to send a personalized email. Adding a personalized subject line that uses the recipients can increase open rates and improve conversions. In fact, according to Campaign Monitor, emails with personalized subjects are 26% more likely to be opened.

Increased Brand Awareness

Every email you send is an opportunity to get your business in front of customers and increase your brand awareness. When you consistently provide valuable, personalized content through email, you can build a relationship with your customers where they trust and favor your brand. This means that the next time they need a product or service you offer, you stand a much better chance of being their preferred business.

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Considerations When Marketing With Email

Email marketing is one of the best ways to invest in marketing for your business at its relatively low cost and high reach. It may seem simple: Get email addresses, choose a CRM/Email client, and start sending. But there is a lot more to marketing with email than that. Here are some of the things you must consider before starting an email marketing campaign:

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How Often Do You Want To Send Emails?

This can be a balancing act for many businesses. Too many emails will cost more to send, and a high volume can get people to unsubscribe. However too few might cause you to cram too much information into each email, causing a sloppy and unfocused look.

Should You Send Generic Emails or Make Them More Personalized?

There’s no catch-all answer to this, but you have to consider your market and the geographic location of customers you are addressing. The product or service you offer can also play an important role in the decision to personalize your emails. Each business will have to determine if personalized or generic emails are right for their individual business.

Is Automation the Best Solution for Sending Emails?

Although Automation is time-efficient, there are always times where you need to react and send emails on the fly. For instance, if you are sending an email about a new product release or new service that you offer, you likely can get away with automation. On the other hand, targeted emails will likely need to be sent on the fly for increased chances of a conversion.

What Types of Emails Should I Send?

Once again, it all depends on your business. There are many different ways that businesses utilize email, from informational emails to asking for the sale. But here are a few of the common types of mass emails sent:

  1. Sales/Specials Announcements
  2. Customer Relations/Lifecycle
  3. Abandoned Cart
  4. Special/Targeted Coupon Codes.

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