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Learn the Different Avenues of Online Marketing

The internet is a game changer for marketing. It’s never been easier to put your brand in front of people for little to no cost. At Skynet Solutions, the internet is our domain. We are well versed in the various avenues of marketing online and have the knowledge and skills necessary to help your business succeed online.


The Benefits of Outsourced Online Marketing

There are many different factors that must work cohesively to ensure the desired outcome is reached from online marketing strategies. The online marketing services provided by Skynet Solutions can help you achieve your marketing goals through unique planning and execution of online marketing strategies for your business or industry. Here are some of the benefits of outsourced online marketing.



Traditional advertising methods have become far more expensive, and less effective, than online marketing efforts. With the implementation of Google AdWords and Facebook Ads, you can reach a broad audience without breaking the bank. If you need help navigating these platforms, contact us for help.


Broad Reach

With the majority of your customers utilizing social media networks or mobile internet browsers, you are able to reach a broad audience with little investment through online marketing strategies. Modern online advertising outlets allow you to target specific groups to ensure your digital marketing dollars are making the most impact.



With traditional advertising methods, like billboards and print ads, you aren’t able to make changes if they aren’t effective. When you invest in online marketing, you have full control over your advertising to change whenever you like. If your current strategy isn’t working as expected, it can easily be tweaked to improve how effective your marketing is.


24/7 Exposure

Whether you realize it or not, the internet is being accessed every second of the day. When you invest in online marketing, you could be gaining exposure 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with little effort on your end. If you sell products through your website, this can translate to consistent sales while you sleep.

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Our Online Marketing Process

No matter what digital marketing goals you have, the team at Skynet Solutions has the knowledge and experience to help you achieve them. With a broad clientele across many industries, we can help determine the perfect advertising methods for you. The process we utilize includes these steps:


Account Manager Assigned

Before we can begin crafting your unique advertising, it is important that your goals are outlined for the best possible service. To do this, you will be assigned an account manager that will be your point of contact at all times throughout the process. If you have questions or concerns, your account manager can help.


Marketing Strategy Development

Once your unique marketing needs have been determined we will begin crafting an online marketing strategy to help reach them. This may include a mix of advertising outlets as well as new content strategies to help boost your SEO, or search engine optimization, to increase organic traffic to your website and improve search rankings. Your input is valued in this process to ensure complete satisfaction.


Design Phase

Once your marketing goals have been addressed and a strategy has been created, our design department will begin creating “mock” ads and content for your approval. Our design team has experience across many different industries and can ensure that your message is clearly perceived by your target audience. Once this is complete your online marketing will begin.


Online Marketing Execution

Depending on the unique strategy outlined for your business, we will begin executing your marketing plan. Throughout this process, we will continually monitor how well the online marketing campaign is doing and consult you for any needed changes in strategy. With our added monthly client meeting, you can rest easy knowing your online marketing is in good hands.

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