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Words Matter

You may be thinking “I can run spell check. Why do I need help?”

Words matter a lot more than you might imagine. It’s definitely true that in order to be taken seriously and present a legitimate face to the public, your content needs to be grammatically correct and interesting to read. There’s a balance between writing a scholarly textbook and writing a text to your friend. Striking that knowledgeable but approachable balance is important. But there’s more to good content than that.

Content Writing for Blogs

Adding a regularly updated blog to your website serves many pivotal purposes in the growth of your business. Aside from strengthening SEO, maintaining a blog allows a business to connect with their audience and share timely or relevant information with their customers on their own terms, creating a direct communication channel that would otherwise be unavailable. By writing specifically for your target audiences, you will encourage social media sharing and increased excitement and engagement for your products or services.

Blogging as a business also allows a company to create its own voice and share insight into timely news or trends within a given industry. By allowing your personality to shine through in your writing, you can create lasting bonds with your customers as more than just a faceless business. Consistently providing valuable content to your readers will keep them coming back regularly, spending more time on your website and sharing your information with others.

At Skynet Solutions, we provide blog content writing services as a weekly or bi-weekly service to help increase your influence as a business both locally, nationally and throughout your industry. With a focus on the latest trends and information for your industry, we can help your business connect with your customers and strengthen those relationships. No matter what industry you are in, we are here to help.

Content Writing for SEO

SEO, or search engine optimization, is one of the most misunderstood topics online. With countless guides and tips scattered across the internet, the noise can often outweigh the valuable information that is available. The biggest challenges SEO copywriters face is trying to write valuable content for readers while remaining optimized for search engines.

When a search engine analyzes your page, it will crawl through the content to determine the relevancy of your page based on several factors. Most importantly, it will determine how often you use certain keywords or phrases and where in the text they are located. Though there are many variables in how well your page ranks in each search engine, content quality has become the most important factor in recent years.

Skynet Solutions proudly offers SEO copywriting services to ensure your web page content is optimized for search engine results. If you are looking to drive organic traffic, individuals who found your services through a search result, we can help write content that benefits both your readers and search engine crawlers. Let us help build your business by determining the most effective keywords for your content and where they should be placed.

Content Writing for Press Releases

The press release has taken on a new importance with the growth of social media and online marketing. Companies from the local to national level all use social network sites to further their marketing and public relations needs, leading social media marketing and public relations to mold together.

Prior to social media, public relations specialists would have to write their press release and endlessly contact journalists to try and get their story placed in traditional media outlets. The process has become much smoother these days as the process has been digitized and content can easily be shared.

If you need a press release written to announce a new product or services for your business or need help expanding your business image or customer base, you will likely benefit from Skynet Solutions content writing services for press releases. With knowledge of AP Style and the modern ways to release a press release, we can help get your information in the right hands.

See samples of our press releases here.

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No matter what content writing services you need, we are ready to share our expertise with you. At Skynet Solutions, we know how to find the right keywords and tone for your written message to make the greatest impact. If you are ready to increase your customer reach, we would love to talk to you. Check out the links below for more information on the different marketing services we offer.

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