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Branding is an important aspect to any business and the strategy of marketing that business takes on. What makes up a brand? A brand is a variety of things that are communicated by a business. Part of the brand can be portrayed through the name of the business, a symbol that represents the business, and it can even be portrayed through a particular color that causes a person to have a thought process in the mind. It can also be seen within the slogan for the business, a sign that is representative of the business and even a combination of all of these things that were mentioned. All of these things can identify a particular product or a service that the business it represents. Branding helps to make sure that the things that are used help to differentiate the things the business has to offer and how it is different from the competition the business may have.


What makes a good brand?

In order to have a great brand there are specific things that you will need to make sure your business is meeting in terms of objectives that should be met. These things happen to include:


Clear Concise Message

A message that is delivered clearly without utilizing a lot of time on the persons part.


Trustworthy & Forthcoming

Make sure your brand confirms the trustworthiness of your business or what the brand is representing.


Personal Connection

You want to ensure that the product or the services that you are having represented in the branding connects to the potential customers or the targets you are having your brand reach not just on a basic level, but you want it to reach them on an emotional level as well.



You definitely want your brand to be able to motivate the potential customer or buyer to buy what the brand is selling. If you aren’t motivated to buy the brand has failed.


Brand Loyalty

The brand should ultimately bring on a sense of loyalty on behalf of the customer or the person that is using the product or the service your brand is representing for your business. Loyalty means that as long as the customer or buyer needs what you are presenting to them they will always come to you for it.

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First impressions are important. And since your logo is often your business’ first impression to customers, you better make it a good one. Delivering a great product or service builds value in a brand once customers have associated with it. However, building the first impression, the brand identity that takes your customer from knowing about your business to using your business, is where Skynet Solutions can help. Skynet Solutions uses these key identity elements to build and establish your brand, ensuring that your business’s identity is recognizable and relatable.


Logo Design

A logo is more than just a shape and a color that sets your business apart. The finished product sets the tone for your company’s visual identity. We understand the intricate ins and outs of identity design and can help you navigate from an abstract idea to a concrete, distinguishable logo.

The graphic design team at Skynet Solutions can help create a logo that perfectly embodies your business. Even if your idea for a logo is in its infancy, we can help turn your ideas into a beautiful, memorable design that will stick with your customers.  If you need help establishing your identity, contact us today to learn how we can help!


Business Card Design

A good business card is a great way to leave a lasting first impression on potential clients or business partners. Business cards are just as much a part of your identity as your logo and are an easy way to get your business in front of potential clients. Having a great looking business card with you at all times is critical for connecting with new clients and keeping your business in their minds.

We’ve designed business cards for many clients over the years. Whether you’re looking to rebrand your entire company or just put a fresher face on it, we can make the business cards to suit your needs. If you need help creating the perfect business card to make a lasting impression, let us know!


Product Packaging Design

Having a product packaging design that catches a potential buyers eye is important for businesses that are breaking into the retail market. This is especially true in competitive industries like the sports nutrition industry. Having a great product packaging design can help set your product apart from competitors to increase sales.

Over time, the graphic design team at our Tulsa marketing firm has helped countless businesses increase their sales with effective and attractive product packaging designs. No matter what your industry or target is, we can help create a product packaging design that sells. If you are ready to make your product a success with successful branding, we would love to hear from you.

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Why Skynet Solutions for Identity Design?

As a Tulsa marketing firm, Skynet Solutions understands the importance of branding in the success of your business. Having a memorable logo can help set your business apart from competitors and help establish a loyal customer following. If you are in need of a new logo or want to update your old logo for more impact, we would love to talk to you. Check out the links below for more information on the different online marketing services we offer.

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Traffic Analysis

Tracking and analyzation of statistics about your website. Find out how your customers’ behavior on your website is a key to success.

Social Media

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