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With the wide variety of web browsers available, how do you know your website is consistently providing an optimal experience for your visitors? Nearly 80% of web users use Google’s Chrome browser to access their favorite websites and shop online, followed closely by Firefox with 13% of all browser usage. Expand this to the operating system they are using, macOS or any version of Windows, and these aspects of your web traffic start to take a new importance.

Browsers and operating systems are constantly updating and even the slightest change in this software could cause your website to not perform as expected. Unfortunately, this could result in lost profits, abandoned shopping carts and many other missed conversion opportunities. Plainly put, without active error monitoring for your website, someone may be trying to give you money and can’t.

Improper website functionality can also have a devastating impact on your search engine ranking as visitors get fed up with errors and leave, resulting in large bounce rates and decreased time spent on your pages. This includes any errors caused by WordPress plugins or scripts that could hinder the existing functionality of your website. Any errors, no matter how severe, will be tracked by Site Health Monitoring.

To help combat this constant threat, Skynet Solutions proudly offers Site Health Monitoring to notify our development team of issues at the exact moment they happen. Once our monitoring system notifies us of an error on your website, the issue is prioritized and immediate action is taken to get your website back on track. This attention to detail and determination to persevere is why companies from all over the world trust Skynet Solutions with their most valuable marketing assets.

Site Health Monitoring can be installed on most standalone CMS systems to provide real-time error monitoring. No matter what platform you use for your website, Site Health Monitoring is likely compatible! Recently, Skynet Solutions developed a WordPress plugin for Site Health Monitoring to accommodate the nearly 30% of all websites globally that operate on the WordPress platform.

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Why Skynet Solutions for Site Health Monitoring?

As the only marketing firm in Broken Arrow, or the Tulsa area, offering this crucial software, Skynet Solutions is ready to help your business succeed in the digital world with active error monitoring. If you are interested in learning more about how Site Health Monitoring can help protect your website from costly errors, we would love to hear from you.

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