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What is Easy Rep Tracker?

Easy Rep Tracker is a search bot software created by Skynet Solutions, Inc. Its main purpose is to more easily track specific forum members to validate the quality and quantity of their posts. Unlike other bots, Easy Rep Tracker does not search all pages, but predefined pages, to gather specific information about users such as post count, post summaries, and URLs to these posts. It will never load unnecessary items such as images, script, or css files, allowing a cleaner and easier way for the user to view posts. Easy Rep Tracker also sleeps in between requests on a per-site basis so that the site is not flooded with requests.

  • If your business uses online forum posting as a marketing medium, Easy Rep Tracker will make managing and verifying post quality a snap.
  • This software will easily track multiple users across multiple message boards, compile their data, and display it for you in one convenient place.
  • The software bot retrieves specific set information from message boards and constantly updates a database.

If you would like to increase the timeout per request, please contact us at EasyRepTracker@www.skynet-solutions.net

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Why Skynet Solutions for Business Automation?

We can work with you to determine the exact needs of your business and provide recommendations to future-proof your software. With our programs behind your business, you can expect things to run smoothly every time. If you are in the market for custom software or a custom website, the software development team at Skynet Solutions would love to hear from you.

Easy iCommerce

Easy iCommerce is an all-in-one management system for your online business, including invoice printing, product management, & internal email monitoring.

Easy CMS

Easy CMS functions as a stand alone content management system, much like WordPress, and can be applied to any website to allow easy user updates and modifications.

Easy Rep Tracker

Our easyRepTracker is search bot software created by Skynet Solutions. This makes it easier to track specific forum members and to validate their post quality and quantity.

Easy IDS

Easy IDS is an open source Intrusion Detection System that is free to download and based off of Snort.