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Insights and Analytics

As the premier digital marketing firm in Tulsa, the marketing team at Skynet Solutions understands the importance of both the inside and outside of websites. To ensure your continued success online and verify your hard-earned money isn’t being thrown away on marketing strategies that aren’t providing results, tracking your website data is critical. That is why every website created by Skynet Solutions development team includes integrated statistics and analytics.

Every website built on our own Content Management Systems, including Easy CMS and Easy iCommerce, have analytics tools built in. However, if you are on WordPress like over 25% of the internet, our web design team can accommodate insights and analytics for your website as well! Regardless of the website platform your website is on, we will always find the right analytics tools to use to help achieve your digital marketing goals.

The Benefits of Insights and Analytics

Insights and analytics data are essential for the success and growth of your business online. Without this data, it can be hard to determine how effective your marketing efforts are and determining the best course of action to enhance them. Here’s a few example of the kind of insights you can gain and take advantage of by utilizing analytics tools:

  • Amount of Site Traffic
  • Sources of Traffic
  • Demographics of customers
  • Time of day and time spent on site
  • Pages Visited in Customer Sessions
  • Conversions to sales
  • Sales numbers

All of these details are crucial to refining and focusing your marketing tactics. Rather than flying blind, you can use the knowledge gained from analytics to fix techniques that aren’t working and capitalize on those that are. With insights and analytics data, you can stop wasting hard-earned money on ineffective marketing efforts.

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Why Skynet Solutions for Analytics?

We can work with you to determine the exact needs of your business and provide recommendations to future-proof your software. With our programs behind your business, you can expect things to run smoothly every time. If you are in the market for custom software or a custom website, the software development team at Skynet Solutions would love to hear from you.

Easy iCommerce

Easy iCommerce is an all-in-one management system for your online business, including invoice printing, product management, & internal email monitoring.

Easy CMS

Easy CMS functions as a stand alone content management system, much like WordPress, and can be applied to any website to allow easy user updates and modifications.

Easy Rep Tracker

Our easyRepTracker is search bot software created by Skynet Solutions. This makes it easier to track specific forum members and to validate their post quality and quantity.

Easy IDS

Easy IDS is an open source Intrusion Detection System that is free to download and based off of Snort.