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Diagram of some benefits of Web Analytics

Insights and Analytics

We understand the importance of both the inside and outside of websites. Every website we create comes integrated with Statistic and Analytics tracking.

Our own Content Management Systems that we've built (Easy CMS and Easy iCommerce) have analytics tools built in. However, regardless of the website platform, we always find the right analytics tools to use.

Here's a few example of the kind of insights you can gain and take advantage of by utilizing analytics tools.

  • Amount of Site Traffic
  • Sources of Traffic
  • Demographics of customers
  • Time of day and time spent on site
  • Pages Visited in Customer Sessions
  • Conversions to sales
  • Sales numbers

All of those details are crucial to refining and focusing your marketing tactics. Rather than flying blind, you can use the knowledge gained from analytics to fix techniques that aren't working and capitalize on those that are.

If you're looking to learn more about analytics and find out how to get started using them, let us know! We'll make you a plan specifically to fit your business.

Diagram of some benefits of Web Analytics