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Business Automation

Have you ever had a complaint or question from a customer and realized you would have to spend the rest of the afternoon digging through piles of paper files to find their bill and respond to their inquiry? Or have you ever accidentally not billed-or even worse, double-billed-a customer for a service because you didn't have an effective system to keep track of billing and receipts? Or what about losing the resume of a great prospective job applicant because you have no system in place to keep track of incoming applications? As some point, most small business owners have had to deal with one of these problems or something similar to it.

The problem is, that not only are these things annoying, they're also a waste of your time and money. We know that as a business owner, you work harder than just about anybody else around and you don't have time or money to waste-especially when it comes to running your company. The good news is that all of these problems can be easily avoided with simple, automated systems. Everything from sales, human resources and IT to supply chain logistics, management and billing can be simplified with business automation.

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Business automation is the future of consumer-business and business-business interactions. It streamlines all your company efforts into one, seamless process and designated channel of communication. It creates accountability in the office because every action has a responsible owner. Every action is tied to the individual who started that process, so if you or a customer has questions about any service or order, you can trace it back to the source. Business automation also keeps you from making human errors that can cost your business money. Things like unpaid bills that might go unnoticed in a busy office will never be forgotten by an automated system. By removing the potential for human error, you protect against things like wasted time, wasted money, forgotten accounts and missed steps.

All the little details of running a business can really slow down your process and overwhelm you. We believe in efficiency and we have the means to achieve it. Implementing business automation reduces the cost of doing business by taking out the labor intensive activities like filing, sorting through stacks of paperwork, copying and faxing and other similar activities. This allows you and your employees to focus on what's really important-your business! No matter your industry, from the restaurant business to auto body repair to technology development, parts of it can be made easier and more efficient if everyone spends less time looking for paperwork or using the fax machine and gets to spend that time on doing their job to the best of their abilities.

There really isn't any part of an office process that can't be automated and made more efficient. Everything from accounts payable to most human resources hiring practices. Looking to hire? We can help you easily streamline your onboarding process for both applicants and your human resources staff with business automation software. Implementing this makes it easier for everyone. Even the best HR employee may lose track of an application or two if you are inundated. And if you have multiple postings at once, it gets even more difficult to track. You don't want to lose out on a great candidate because you didn't have a system in place to track them!

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We have experience designing and creating software that makes the entire process smooth and streamlined. Our Easy iCommerce software is one great example of this. Easy iCommerce is an all-in-one product that allows you to integrate your content management system and online shopping cart into one so you can better keep up with the customer. This complete online commerce shopping cart that allows you to simultaneously keep track of inventory, sales records and customer and employee emails all in one place for increased efficiency and for your convenience. And if our existing software doesn't do everything your business requires of it, we can customize software for your unique needs.

Our business automation software allows you as the business owner to focus your time and efforts less on the busy-work and more on the fun stuff. You started your business because you're passionate about your industry and you know you can do it better than anyone else is doing it. However, when you spend two-thirds of your day bogged down in paperwork, logistics and human resources issues, it's easy to forget why you actually started your business in the first place. We want to help change that with our business automation software. And rest assured, if none of our existing software works for your business, then we will do what we do best and create custom automation tools specifically for your business.

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What is Business Automation and its Purpose?

Business automation starts when a customer makes a request and ends when the customer receives their completed request and pays for the good or service. Every step of the way through is cataloged and organized so that every step of the process is documented and can be referred back to later if necessary. This way, if a customer has a question or a compliant or you or an employee are trying to remember what stage of completion a certain task is at, all you have to do is check the system. No more relying on a he-said, she-said or someone's distant memory. And goodbye to all those business nightmare scenarios we outlined earlier.

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In short, business automation replaces manual triggers with software. So, instead of you walking over to your coworker's desk and telling them, "hey, I completed this task, please take over the next step and then send it back to me when you're done," the system automatically creates and alert and moves the task from your to-do list to your coworker's to-do list. You can have set this up in whatever way seems most logical and convenient for you and your employees to use. You can have the system send an email alert or another type of alert when you receive a new task. You can ensure that each task comes with a timestamp and a chain of custody so you can always trace it back and see who sent what task to who when and who completed what step when.

For every project you work on for a customer, no matter how large or small, you can create a task. That way there is always a record that you can reference to see how long it has been since you started a project and what stage of completion it is in. That way, if you or a customer ever has a question about something, all you have to do is check the task so see when and where a problem occurred. No more searching through your email trash folder or wondering where you put that Post-it you had taken notes on at the last client meeting. This creates an end to end process and eliminates the potential for human error and which increases efficiency.

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Still not Convinced? Check Out These Statistics.

91% of companies with more than 11 people use a CRM system, compared to 50 percent of companies with 10 or fewer employees

81% percent of CRM users are now accessing their software via mobile devices, leading to greatly increased productivity

79% percent of top-performing companies have been using marketing automation for more than two years

  • Sales reps saw productivity increased by 15 percent when they had mobile access to CRM applications
  • Research has shown that 65 percent of sales reps who have mobile access to CRM meet their sales quotes, compared to only 22 percent of those who don't have mobile access to company CRM
  • Companies considered best-in-class are 67 percent more likely to use a marketing automation platform of some kind
  • 75 percent of customers say they'll spend more money with a company as a direct result of a past positive customer relationship experience
  • 70 percent of businesses already using CRM software intend to increase spending on it because they're so happy with it
  • 78 percent of successful marketers say their marketing automation system is most responsible for bringing in more revenue
  • 61 percent of CRM users said security and privacy were not challenges when adopting or using their CRM system
  • However, 56 percent said they faced challenges when trying to customize their CRM without professional help
  • 74 percent said their CRM offered improved access to customer data

As you can see, business automation software can make a huge difference in terms of efficiency, meeting sales quotas and saving time and money. Another example: the average IT department spends 30 percent of its time on menial tasks that can be avoided with business automation. Imagine all that time and money saved-and that's just one department! Having professionals like the team at Skynet Solutions create your business automation software ensures that it will do everything you need it to do, including being mobile accessible and mobile friendly.

We'll also be there every step of the way to help you get acquainted with the software and to solve any problems or address any new needs that may pop up as your business continues to grow and expand with all your newfound time, capital and worker productivity. Adapting to a new system can be a little daunting and we want to make the transition from your old system to your new system as smooth and easy as possible. That's one of the many benefits of working with the Skynet Solutions team: industry leading software with small business customer service.

Why Skynet Solutions?

You want to make sure you get your software from someone you can trust and who will be there to help you work through any problems you might have that arise later. Skynet Solutions will do that-we're not some nameless, faceless corporation from halfway across the country. We want to help you succeed. As a local business, we're here any time you need us. We have all the talent of a large firm, with the customer service and accessibility of a small, local business.

And as a local business that frequently works with other local businesses, we know each one is unique. There's no "one size fits all software" that works for every single company every single time. That's why we won't try to sell something like that to you. We'll take the time to listen to your specific needs and wants and then make sure we can match you with something that fits all of your business' unique needs. If our existing software isn't exactly what your business needs to run more efficiently and effectively, our talented development team can create custom software for you, designed to your exact specifications.

That's why we take the time to get to know each one of our customers so well. No other company in the area is doing the same kind of creative, innovative software creation that the development team at Skynet Solutions is. No other company in the area will be able to design a product tailored to your business' unique needs and specification like the development team at Skynet Solutions will be able to. No other company in the area will be able to provide you will the same level of support and customer service that the development team as Skynet Solutions will. If you are ready to get started making your business run the way you always knew that it could, get in touch with the pro team at Skynet Solutions. We'll get you set up with the right business automation software for you.

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