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Founded as a small time hosting company in 2003, Skynet Solutions has transformed into a well-known Custom Software Development and Multi-Media Marketing firm. Though our processes are regularly changing and our technology is constantly evolving, we have learned that there is one constant. If you provide the best product possible and provide solid customer service only the sky is the limit.

This is why all of our staff is located at our offices in Broken Arrow, OK and we never outsource. Each and every site we develop comes with one year warranty and monitoring. Unlike other Marketing Firms we have invested heavily in our belief of providing the best experience possible to our clients and as a result we have one of the only website monitoring system in Oklahoma.

Browsers are software and as such are updated regularly. With each update comes the possibility that something on your website will not perform as originally anticipated. Our monitoring system can notify our development team of issue’s the moment they arise. Once notified we prioritize the issue and jump into action. This attention to detail and endeavor to persevere is why companies from all over the world trust Skynet Solutions with their most valuable marketing assets.

Our Technology

The online world changes from day to day sometimes hour to hour. This is why the Skynet Solutions team strives to stay tuned in to current and upcoming trends.

  • All of our websites are constructed with a true responsive framework allowing them to look great and operate smoothly on any device.
  • Cutting edge SEO practices are used everywhere possible to insure the best possible Search Engine Ranking.
  • Structured Data is used, where possible, to integrate with Siri, Cortana, and Google Now.
  • The Skynet Solutions HelpDesk is built into the admin section of every site allowing your team members too easily and quickly request changes or help.
  • Monthly Meetings are held to provide and review usage statistics and traffic trends.

These methods coupled with our Site Health Monitoring System insure that your website is ready to perform night or day.

Our Working Process

No matter what your digital marketing goals are or what the requirements are for your website, the team at Skynet Solutions has the knowledge and experience to help. With a broad clientele across many industries, we can help determine the perfect answers for your unique needs.

Research & Analysis

Market and competitor research analyzed.

Design Concepts

Create and present design concept for project.

Our Working Process number 3 Testing and Development
Testing & Development

Online development and cross platform testing.

Marketing & Support

Drive traffic and conversions on your website.

Upon Acceptance of this proposal and receipt of the down payment our Design Team will jump into action gathering all of the information needed to successfully complete this project. Once all information is available and prepared our Design Team will create an image render of what your new site will look like and forward over for your team to review. Upon review simply send a list back and our team will make the adjustments requested.

Once your team is happy with the design, the images will be prepared for development and handed over to our developers. This is where the design will be brought to life. This entire process happens on a development server hosted on our network. After your site goes live this development site will be maintained so that we can test future updates here before pushing them live.

Upon initial completion of the site our Quality Control team steps in. At Skynet Solutions we take Quality very seriously and as such we have hired the most methodical people we could find to dissect your site page by page line by line checking the links, spelling, overall display, ease of navigation, and much more. These checks happen on all 5 major browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera) and each is tested on both a machine running Windows and a machine running Apple IOS.

Once your site has received testing’s stamp of approval our Marketing team will run a final SEO analysis and prepare the pages for launch. At this point the site will be turned over to your team to test and discriminate as you see fit.

When both teams are happy we will schedule a launch day and, viola! History is made.